Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Inside my Old books

Some excerpts from the old books I picked up. Please feel free to click on the photos to make them larger. Most have some illuminating insights into our living history, I'm really enjoying looking through them.

Here's a bit about Brandy being helpful in a case, as well as digitalis.

I love this book plate! This little glimpse into the past fills my imagination.

With colour plates, what a luxury!

This book is hilarious. There are excerpts in it dating back to the 1800's.

Be sure to enlarge this page if you're looking for a recipe for liver sausage sandwiches!

A guide to keeping a happy & clean home.

How to make "a pretty nightgown", pattern included on the following pages.

Space Travel info pre moon landing...

A guide to making some things for your home.

Information on how to dress, and appropriate careers as well as budgetting are included.

While these might not be the glossy Bestsellers that are available, I think I will have much more pleasure in these, and the memory of them will last longer. I can't wait for next years Book Fair!


  1. This books are incredible. I LOVE books too. I have a bunch of old ones that I should post too. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. OMG, I totally the sandwich recipes, I would so rock the liver sausage or egg & anchovy sandwiches! Thanks for sharing, the peek into the past was very entertaining. Educational, too. Who knew that you could "mock crab" with stale cheddar cheese? *lol*

  3. Oh I just LOVE old books! I always like to imagine who has read them before me and how many people have owned the book. One of my favourite things to do is visit 2nd hand book stores and find some old "gems".
    Hey Mel, have you heard of BOOK CROSSING??


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