Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some current WIP's

Here's a quick post of some of my many WIP's (Work's in progress)

This red & aqua table runner is made up of leftovers, from my Disappearing 9 Patch Squares (which I foolishly never took a photo of, thanks Jane!)

for Jane's Swap. It was a quick stitch, since most of it was already put together. I haven't yet decided on a quilting pattern or how I want to finish the edges. Any Suggestions? I'm considering the echo style of quilting.

Started this Wall Hanging long long ago, I think maybe 6 years ago? It just keeps getting put aside for more interesting, less fiddly projects since it's supposed to have all sorts of little sweet add ons, like a frayed scarf on the dad, etc.

This is a filler quilt for Chatty while I design a shark one for him. I realised the irony of giving this mature, simple quilt to a 4 year old while my favourite quilt for me was the Fairyland one as I was taking the photo! Still Trying to figure out the border on this one but I've been inspired by Jodi's (Pleasant Home) Prairie Points & Pinwheels quilt, so I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate that in now!

This little wall hanging is waiting for some binding and a sleeve or a frame and then it's finished. It was inspired from the 2008 Stampin' Up Catalogue.

Here's the label on the back, it's my second one and I love it!

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