Monday, April 18, 2011

catch up!

Hey there,

It has been so long since my last post, I barely know where to start! 
What I can definitely say is how awed I am with bloggers who can keep up with daily or more postings.

The regional conference in Canberra was good, I'm not sure if I'd say it was amazing, but perhaps I need to find my groove!  The national convention is coming up in Melbourne, but definitely out of budget. 
I've held a couple of card classes at the house for a few girls and we've had a fabulous time, the next one is in early May and I'm teaching a techniques class, faux silk & faux linen. 
Early November I held a fundraiser night for Women's Cancer and we all had a brilliant time, there's already been girls asking me to make sure that we have another one this year, and beyond! 

A friend of mine who also does Stampin'Up is holding an "Australia's biggest morning tea" in late May, that I've volunteered to help with.  I'm really looking forward to it, I already have a card in mind to teach!

The jewellery is still going full steam ahead, and I've finally listed a couple of items on etsy!

Wish Flower Studios Etsy Shop

I was fortunate to attend and show at a local fashion show for a charity called SHINE that helps teenage girls through those awkward teenage years, on many levels, such as emotional & physical.

The shop that has been displaying a few of my items planned a party for their VIP customers in November, but postponed until last month.  The day before the party was to happen our suburb got a deluge of rain and everything flooded, houses, streets, schools, roads were closed, kids were stranded in schools, houses were destroyed, cars swept away, needless to say the party has been postponed again!

One of my friends has a stall at a local craft market which is really popular, she has invited me to put a couple of pieces in her stall, I was hoping to go this weekend, but it didn't work out.  The next one is May 15th.  Cross your fingers for me!

Chatty is now in kindergarten (on easter holidays atm) and seems to be enjoying himself, I'm not sure how much he's actually learning though, time will tell.  This coming term he finally goes for the full 5 days a week, which will free me up 2 days a week since.....Mischief is in preschool 2 days a week!
Mondays have become my catch-up day for everything and I'd earmarked Wednesdays as my school volunteer day, reading in the early party of the morning with the Kindy class, and Art in the Highschool afterwards.

Sometime I really need to get back to my painting.  In the meantime I continue to quilt, sew and have started cross stitching for the first time.  I don't think it will become a part of my regular routine, I love the picture I'm working on, but that's about where I draw the line!

Mr WFS & I have been talking about a short vacation soon, and tossing ideas around trying to keep the time short, and budget low while also coming up with an adventure. 
We've made no decisions yet, but... we might finally be going on a real life long adventure next year and I am simply beside myself with glee!