Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life line Book Fair Treasures - Kids Books

We had a very successful trip to the book fair, I was itching to go back, I missed out a few scetions, only so long the kids will tolerate being dragged around to look at old books.

Here are the kids ones I picked out, a couple educational ones, the Go Lightly book is all about teaching kids how to be creative thinkers and writers, specifically in poetry. The stories of Ballet is more for me atm. I'm looking forward to reading through it, I've never really known the whole story behind Swan Lake etc. The illustrations in a few of them are stunning.

Inside "It's Raining Cats and Dogs."

Inside "Milton, my Father's Dog"

Inside "Those Wicked Rats Again"

Inside "The Trouble with Trolls"

These are the books Chatty chose. He chose a few other cartoony/disney ones and I kept saying no, please find something unsual with lovely pictures, he came up with "Ollie's Folly" which has some fun illustrations and a quirky story. I desperately wanted to say no to the Treasure Island book, but the kid is big into pirates atm, so I said maybe and then gave him a bag to carry it in.

Later while I was perusing the Classics section, an older gentlemen and his wife started talking to Chatty across the table and asking him questions about what books he had found and what he was getting. Chatty of course told the gentleman about the pirate book and struggled to get it out of the bag which he had since slung crossways over his chest. The gentleman gave Chatty the $2 he needed to buy the book! When we said thank-you he said, he said just liked to see kids smile. Wasn't that lovely!!


  1. Wow! What a lovely thing for that man to do! Restores your faith in humanity!!! You got some gorgeous books at the fair!!! Wish my kids were still small enough for picture books!!! But ... one day there will be grandkids!!! Hugs, Andrea xxx

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