Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We got Lexi January 2003 from the pound, she & her brother were found roaming the streets. No one really knows what breed mix she is, some guesses have included kelpie, staffy, lab, ridgeback, the list goes on. What do you think?

After stumbling across some portraits of a Hugarian Viszla I'm certain that she is part Viszla, however, her nose & ears are not nearly as long, her snout is a little pointier too and she has this weird very bony ridge at the top of her head

There's no way she's a purebreed, both because of the differences, and also because she was found roaming the streets as a puppy. These are big money dogs, no way a breeder would allow their adult or puppies roam the streets, not here, where they are even more unusual.


  1. Thanks! Only the top one is mine though, the second one is a wiki of a viszla


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