Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The last couple of months

The lovely Homemade pasta I made the other night, thanks to my amazing new mixer!

The Holly Jolly Blocks I designed, the horrible computer drawing I did (I am NOT good at freehand computer graphics!) and the finished block, with the 9 patches that were included in the swap. I went for something a bit more summery and less traditional than the usual green & red. If recollection serves me, the shifted colour pallette was inspired by a Christmas item I saw by Hot Possum.

A few of the cards made in the last few months at parties, workshops and a couple I've come up with myself. I'm really enjoying using the sweet treat cups from stampin' up.
The purple card uses Versamark Resist & The Brayer.
These three cards were done at workshop hosted by Vanessa Webb.
This sweet little stamp set is one of the ones I picked up over the Christmas Holidays in Vancouver. I probably need to use markers on the bugs instead of chalk, but I'm happy with it for now.

We're planning on a circus themed party for Chatty's 5th Birthday, I picked up some invitations, which is where we got the circus inspiration, at a friends Phoenix Cards party and quickly realised that the package of 10 wouldn't be enough, so instead of buying another set, Chatty and I sat down and did our best to case the Phoenix ones, I think we did a good job!

Today while making these two magnifying glass cards, Chatty made himself an elephant - cute isn't it!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Many projects on the go atm, including some handstitching that I can't wait to be through with.

But the best thing is my fabulous new Kitchenaid Mixer, so far I've made pizza dough, banana bread, pasta. I'm finally enjoying cooking again, which is huge for me, since I've been hating it so much lately.