Saturday, October 17, 2009

A little bit of everything

Lots of things on today.

Started out by going to the Lifeline Big Book Fair. Picked up some great old books for a song and some beautifully illustrated childrens books as well.

After that I signed myself up for Aunt Pitty Pat's Christmas Block Exchange. I chose to do Christmas Trees, just waiting to hear if wild colours and embellished stuff will fit in, or if I need to tone it down a little. I have this vision of a portion of the tree, in lime green, with hot pink ornaments, two or three of the tips of the star and a rick rack garland, a bit more Australian I 'd say!! If it doesn't suit that's no problem, now that I have the vision I might do my own with that in mind.

We've discovered a number of these sweet little birds called Silvereyes in our yard too late recently, I'm pretty sure they've been hitting the wall of glass. I found another one today, but got lucky, once I'd gotten a shoe box & blanket he'd flown off. They flit around and are a delight to watch, so it's been quite disappointing to lose so many, and to feel so directly responsible for it.

I have my shoebox ready now in case there are more, and will be checking the yard a bit more frequently too.

Lastly, I had a very fun night out at A Girls Night In, making some really pretty cards and playing some fun games. Saw some old faces and met a couple of new ones. Got lucky, won four prizes, one because I read fairly quickly, two by auction and one from a coin toss, so now I have lots of paper, some extra embellishments a store of old stamps and only a few stamp pads, guess what I need to stock up on!

I will have some more photos tomorrow of the cards, prizes, books and the batik backing before washing.


  1. I think the trees sound great!
    I also have that problem with little birds. I don't understand it my windows are far from clean.

  2. Hi Mel!
    Thanks for the link back to my blog. I'm glad you had a nice night last night ... and I hope to see you again soon. (Perhaps even at school?) I will bookmark you blog and check back again! Oh ... and I think the quilter did a pathetic job with your quilt!!! I would have been crying!!! I am not an expert ... but I can see it is just terrible!!! Hope you work something out! Hugs, Andrea L - EnchantINK


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