Friday, June 18, 2010


So far so good, my surgery went well. Added benefits, I'm not dizzy, nor am I calling for Huey in the bottom of the bucket. For me this is a HUGE success. So it looks like the whole procedure will be a small blip in the routine instead of the predicted ENORMOUS and highly dreaded one. I am very happy!

The external device ( looks like a hearing aid with a tag on it, but no earmould) will be fitted in about 3 weeks.

Art class at the school went really well too, some massive issues with registration, (during the stage 5 - which is gr 9-10 silk screening) that I can now hope to address after my two week moratorium on driving, as long as the dizziness keeps at it's current non level.

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  1. I am really pleased that the surgery went well.. YYAYAYAYAYAY!


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