Sunday, July 25, 2010

new things

So many things have happened lately.

First off the surgery was a complete success, I've experienced no dizziness or nausea. Friday past I had my second mapping (programming) appt. My speech recognition is already at 100% and this is from sentences with no visual cues, lipreading included ;)

The bathrooms are finally back on track, thankfully with a new renovator who is definitely a world of difference to the past guy. The whole job should be done in 4 weeks instead of 4 months.

Unfortunately the spa bath we ordered from Mitre 10 is not what we ordered and this little mistake wasn't noticed until after installation, so I have the unrivaled joy of going in this week and trying to figure out what they are going to do to make up for their second major mistake with this bath. I am so not impressed with them!!

The old spa bath is almost out of the house. Salvos is due to pick up some older furniture and bits and pieces on Tuesday.

The carpet in the spare bedroom was laid about a weeek and a half ago, my fancy light with thanks from Buyster Lighting, is finally up. Their service was incredibly good, especially after I made a mistake in the first order, they were very gracious and happy to exchange the fixture. Photos to come.

We got a cheap bed frame from Spotlight, unfortunately they oversold the bed. Originally they offered us the trashed floor model at the same price as the new ones, which I understandably rejected. So tomorrow I'll be ordering their newer version, which they've offered to us for a reduced price.

Mr Chatty is now in school an additional day a week since he clearly needs more stimulation. he was incredibly difficult over the holidays, being destructive, lying, whining and generally unpleasant. He has also started dancing which is so exciting to me! He's taking Ballet, Jazz an dTap, his classes are an half an hour each one right after the other, Saturday mornings (no more sleeping in for me!!) He has recitals in the beginning of December.
He's also requested we go to church on Sundays, so I took him this morning, I think he was looking at it as a chance to see his friends another day. However, most of his school friends go to the Anglican Churches. He didn't want to go to the kids portion today, but he's looking forward to it next week.

Mischief is really developing into his own little person, and he's a quirky, fearless and moody fellow who keeps everyone around him on their toes.

For me, I finally got back to the gym today, I'm looking forward to a couple more days this week, working with and around everything else we have on. Thankfully Mr WFS has worked with the bathroom guy before so he trusts him a bit more than some of the other people we've had in the house before, which has given me a little more freedom to do my own thing. Including volunteer at the highschool art studios at Chatty's school and...

The biggest newest thing for me is that I have finally, after a few years, decided to bite the bullet and sign up as a demonstrator for Stampin Up! I am so excited that I'll be able to share and in some ways teach some craft to other people through the parties and events. There's conventions to attend to meet other demonstrators and learn new techniques too! So exciting!!

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