Monday, May 3, 2010

Mischief gets Mischievious

On the 12th of March we finally moved Mischief out of his crib into a bed. He did really well the first couple of nights and was very excited to be in a big bed. After the novelty wore off he begun to take advantage and was in and out of bed more times than we could keep up with, he was also leaving his room at the crack of dawn before anyone else was awake and getting into Mischief!

The day after Chatty's birthday, at 7am he was up again, roaming around the house. Hubby was woken by a loud thump, upon investigation he discovered my iron at the far end of the family room lying flat on the floor. Later he realised that there was a warm spot on the carpet, which I simply figured must have been where Mischief had been sitting. While dressing the monster I noticed he was wincing, but he still hadn't cried once. Looking at his body I found burns, bad burns on the inside of his right wrist and the side of his thumb. Until this point we'd been pretty complacent, simply figuring he had just been playing pretend.

The doctors wasn't open yet and the radio doctor (does overnight house calls) was closed, we were in that no service period...

The doctor determined 2nd degree burns, to be bandaged until the 2nd degree part had healed enough to block out bacteria etc.

Here's his first bandage, which peeled away in a less than a day. The bandages became more and more elaborate to try to protect him, while also going with no tape since he screamed more about the removal of the bandages than anything else!

A few days later, some healing has started, thank goodness!

You can still see a scar from the 2nd degree burn now, a month and a half later, and he still makes sure everyone else sees it. He still points to the floor, his arm and the iron and says they're hot. Hopefully that sticks with him. What's a bit worrying is that his favourite toy at Chatty's preschool is the pretend ironing board and iron, so he hasn't been scarred for life by any means, which in some ways is good, but in other ways makes me wonder what he would do next time he saw a real iron out.

FYI the original iron was actually cold, and had cooled overnight from some sewing I had been doing, it had been too hot to put away in the linen cupboard. He had carried it all the way across the room, unravelled the cord, unplugged the TV and then started playing. I had never predicted he would do anything that silly. I would never leave a hot iron in reach of kids, but didn't think twice about what he might do with a cold one!

The following Saturday morning he was up roaming early in the morning again, and quietly I might add since Hubby is a very light sleeper. He rearranged the dishes in the dishwasher, mving the glasses from above his head to the lower rack across the slate floors, and the cutlery basket with the knives in it, above his head onto the upper rack.

He now, for his own safety has a latch on the outside of his bedroom door for when he's sleeping. If his mischieviousness had been predictable sorts of things we probably would have simply childproofed the house more, but since he's picking such wild things to do, it seemed impossible to figure out what he might pick next.

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