Monday, May 3, 2010

Basement Improvements

Another project we've been working on is our basement. When we first moved in 7 1/2 years ago, we had all sorts of ideas for the space downstairs which consisted of this classy toliet space, there were no walls or ceiling, the toilet was plastic, it leaked frequently, and the sink was definitely a hand basin at best. Since the ceiling was unfinished, the area was constantly dusty and dirty from whatever the winds brought up the hill.

The toilet never got used and the room the the previous owners had dug out of the hill slowly became just a storage space and unused gym equipment, the corridor leading to the toilet space had a grubby workbench and an equally grubby gardening bench opposite.

As you can see we're not finished yet, but our reno guy has told us that it should only take about one more week.

Bathroom space - with doors, walls and even a ceiling! The block in the back couldn't be gotten rid of since it's actually part of a retaining wall for some stairs on the other side, weird I know. So we've incorporated it in to the shower space, and it will serve as a seat, which will be perfect for when one needs to shave their legs.

The builder planned on putting the window on the right in, which sounded great since it meant bringing extra daylight into a light poor area. For some bizarre reason, his initial plans were to actually wall in the old window though! For obvious reasons we changed his plans, which he complained about the extra work, but that's life!

The corridor leading to the new bathroom has been converted into a laundry space, the machines are slated to be moved tomorrow.

Unfortunately this photo doesn't really show this room well, but this is the old gym/storage heap, we had two of the support poles removed, and replaced with a beam, the last two will just have to go into a cupboard once we get that far. It's to be the new guest room. The walls will be the same sandy off white that is in the laundry corridor. Floors will be a darker sandy carpetting, again, that won't be happening right away!

And lastly the existing laundry room is likely going to become an office, which I'm hoping will really help hubby. Right now he works upstairs in our bedroom, and the kids can be very distracting.

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  1. It's coming along great, it does not resembles at all to the before picture. Congratulations!(^-^)


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