Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A little something

A couple of weeks ago a lovely lady from www.buyster.com.au contacted me about a special something, that I'm hoping might fit in right in with our current renovations. I had a terribly hard time choosing just the right thing since they have so many amazing things and I can honestly very reasonably priced, and yes, I have done the legwork, way too much of it! Take a look at the entertainment units, so many choices here, and they deliver to your door. I wish I'd known about them before we trekked into the big city to a certain Swedish box company, it would have been so much easier.
No arranging kids to be looked after so that the carseats could be left behind and then watching the husband swear left right and centre that said items would not fit the car (he was of course wrong, we women can eyeball lots of stuff and figure out exactly how to make it fit, even if it means that our knees are sitting under our chins.)

Countdown to surgery 36 hours! eeks!

Next time I 'see' you I'll have a swollen head, literally ;)

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