Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Profile photo

Hi everyone,
Well, as you've probably noticed, daily, weekly, make that monthly blogging is not my forte!
I've updated my profile photo, a few months ago, (6?) I hacked off 2 feet of my hair, it was a neccessary change, I felt bogged down under all that hair.  Now I'm ready to grow it out again, or find a better hairdresser!  Every single one of the good ones that both myself and my friends would recommend have disappeared.  In one case it was because the whole extended building burnt down and the lady has decided not to relocate.  Anyways... I'm currently sporting a mop that I hate.

So, what's new?  Well, I'm still stamping, jewellery making and quilting.  I'm trying ever so hard not to start any new quilting projects due to the horrific backlog that I'm currently carrying.  I am however joining this quiltalong -

I'll be tweaking the directions a smidge to allow me the laziness convenience of using a jellyroll and a bit.

The new stuff? Well, I'm simplifying.  Trying to reduce the processed foods, spend more time (productively) in the garden.  We have had some pretty great harvests so far, including mammoth Zucchini's.  Tried stuffed zucchini flowers, can't say I was overly impressed, I certainly wouldn't rave like a couple of the people who recommended I try making them would, perhaps I lack the "touch".  There's currently a surprise watermelon or two, a slew of butternut squashes and tomatoes running rampant.  I found a brilliant company that delivers dairy, bakery and produce directly from the farms, at market prices, so we're enjoying the convenience of that.  Nothing quite so pleasing to open the front door monday morning to fresh milk and bread. 
We've reduce the kids activities which means that the afterschool times are more laid back, last year we were out everyday afterschool, the days were long.

So hopefully we'll see more of each other now that things are slightly more sedate.

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