Saturday, February 13, 2010

Random thoughts

Random Thought 1 - I'm currently watching the Olympics Opening Ceremonies, they are so good! Doesn't hurt any that they are boosting my pride in my hometown. I really enjoyed (bear with me on the descriptive part instead of proper names - there's no captioning) the Blizzard with the Aurora borealis (Northern Lights) that finished off with the orcas swimming in the ocean culminating with the native symbols for the wildlife, that was brilliant!
The Punk River dance is an absolute visual treat, of joy and spirit.

Random Thought 2 - Meanwhile my heart breaks along with so many others for the family and teamates of the Gregorian Luger. I had a look at the photos of where he hit, and wow, I'm not surprised at all that someone might hit a pole, they look like there might be 4 ft in between each pole, at best. I desperately hope that his death was not in vain and that this will lead to some serious design changes, in theis day and age I would have thought that there would be a much safer way to design a tube/run meant to contain a human hurtling along at the same speed as most cars on the highway. I have read many nasty comments, regarding the sport and how any participant should expect to be injured/die if engaged in it, I can't fathom why anyone feels the need to be so heartless.

Random Thought 3 - On that same note of heartlessness, someone I've known for a few years is on the outs with her husband and has been quite scathing in her posts and info on Facebook. Her most recent post was to complain about her husband for having the nerve to send her flowers with a printed card which he'd ordered for her online. Personally, not that I am complaining, it simply is, I cannot remember the last time my Hubby got me flowers and I'm not expecting any, but I'd like to think even if I was annoyed with him and he made the effort and paid the money to get me some I'd at the very least try to acknowledge that with a smidgen of grace. Even though it will likely bite me in the backside I did try to point out to her that she was lucky, only to be usurped by another ungrateful woman who was filled with the same sort of festering hate toward her husband for the very same reasons.
We are so quick to point out our partners failings, especially so when angry with them, frequently I hear stories (and I'm sure have told the odd few) where the woman complains about how little effort their spouse puts forth, and yet when things are going sour, even if it may seem like a pathetic last ditch effort, these ladies are being so vile. It's no wonder so many marriages do not work.

Random Thought 4 - Mischief is INHALING water, and it's not all that hot today. I'm starting to feel a bit concerned.

Random Thought 5 - Quilting has been on the backburner for a while, but I have a couple of deadlines looming so need to get back into the groove.

Random Thought 6 - Studio is almost 90% done!!

Random Thought 7 - Working hard to acquire and make all the things needed for Chatty's 5th birthday and have got almost everything needed, now to make the bowties and pennants.

Random Thought 8 - In-Laws have bought a house 5 mins drive away. I have mixed feelings about this, see below.

Random Thought 9 - Cochlear surgery is likely going ahead, I have been told that my balance may be at risk for 2-3 months - which likely means no driving, great timing for the in-laws to moving down!

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