Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Update - halloween party

The Halloween Party went well, even though I spent the whole night before with the stomach bug that the boys had the week before. I was a little worried about how big it would be since so many people didn't bother to let me know that they weren't coming and being on a Saturday, I knew it had the potential to blow out of control with the addition of school age kids. So giving out invites the same week as the party worked in our favour in that respect since we ended up with only 5 families, in addition to ours, so it was a nice cosy group, the weather worked beautifully this year too, it was so nice out and not too hot that the kids played outside whenever they weren't eating! The planned craft & games have been put away for the next Halloween Party we have, since they weren't touched.
The food went well this year too, unlike the first year where I used all untried recipes that were cute and looked great - oooh boy did they taste FOUL! I decided that I wanted to send the kids home with caramel apples instead of the usual sugar laden, itsy cheapo toy filled loot bags. I knew that finding the right kind of caramel here was going to be an issue, so I mentioned to my mum that we'd all be thrilled if she could send over some candies, well she stumbled across these AMAZING sheets of carmel specifically for apples, they even included the sticks. I went from thinking I was going to need to make the caramel from scratch to simply wrapping an apple, putting a stick in and popping it into the oven, so fabulous!
The other treats were scrambled eyeballs - red jello, with a marshmallow & a blueberry floating on top, and scrambled monster brains, which were based on the popcorn balls recipe over at Pleasant Home. We used strawberry jello, squashed all up into the ball it looked a bit like brains, and it was fun! Jodi has hundreds of inspirational ideas, please go have a look!

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